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My children were raised with dishes I prepared from the book by Sophia Skouras. They're now 23 and 24 and do not have one tooth filling. It is common knowledge that this is a sign of good health but it's also true that there has never been one bottle of Coke or any kind of sweets in the fridge EVER. I never buy sugar or butter either. A rule not very easy to maintain and some friends have been laughing at me: "How long do you think this is going to last? When they grow up they'll eat all the existing junk outside your home."
Well, I will have at least gained 25 years, that's one third of a lifetime, (tending to be one fourth nowadays in this part of the world) but the most important thing I (and they) have gained is the development of a certain type of TASTE. Whether they like it or not, they're now used to eating cauliflower, aubergines, spinach, wild herbs, all sorts of legumes and fresh raw salads and of course peaches, apples, etc. Definitely pure freshly stewed orange juice rather than a soft drink of course.
What about a toast? Not difficult, instead of spreading butter, we sprinkle a little pure virgin olive oil, which by the way we use for ALL our cooking. It's as tasty as butter for a toast with cheese and ham (ham from boiled turkey - not smoked) and I try to use feta cheese (white cheese) instead of yellow cheese whenever possible. When the toast is ready, I add a leaf of fresh salad, tomato slices, or whatever I find in the fridge.
Needless to point out that the boys have never been overweight - on the contrary. I had taken the decision to spare them from what I personally went through, as the daughter of parents raised in-between the two world wars, when people thought overeating was the way to keep strong and healthy.
To the horror of my mother, the boys were fed (as babies) with wheat germ that I was mixing in yogurt or freshly prepared vegetable soups. At that time, old-fashioned Mediterranean cooking was neglected and considered as "food for the poor" by the new society that was starting to imitate the western lifestyle. But new books on nutrition, that my parents were not aware of, had already been published with statistics on the Mediterranean diet and its positive effects on health.
The population in USA and elsewhere was growing obese and I wanted to avoid this for my kids at whatever cost.
Sophia Skouras has recently given me permission to publish her recipes and I'm happy to share them with the visitors of this website here below.

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